Cylinders of the Month Archive

An archive of complete two-minute wax cylinder recordings featured in earlier Cylinder of the Month presentations.

The following archive index is sorted by title; it is also available sorted by performer.   By clicking on the entry in the "Key" column you will access the Cylinder of the Month presentation containing the corresponding wax cylinder recording.

Archive Sorted by Title
Key Title Category Performed by Circa
08/2001 The Absent-Minded Beggar Standard poem Harry Spencer 1900
03/2016 Aida - 4th act (O terra, addio) Duet Signora Morali & Dante del Papa 1899-1900
10/2006 Ain't Dat a Shame Medley Dulcimer solo William Moriarity 1908
11/2005 Alabama Troubadours - Because Minstrels Ancient City Quartette, S. H. Dudley, Billy Heins 1898-1899
05/2006 Alice, Where Art Thou Cornet and trombone duet Herbert L. Clarke & Leo A. Zimmerman 1905-1906
05/1997 All the Silver in the Silvery Moon Comic song Billy Williams 1911
11/2010 An Irishman's Perplexity Specialty (comic duolouge) Mrs. McCormick 1890-1891
11/1999 And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back Orchestra Banta's Orchestra 1895
10/2002 Ange si pur from La Favorite Tenor Agustarello Affre 1903
01/2012 Annie Laurie Quartette The Greater New York Quartette 1899
08/2011 The Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore Whistling John Yorke AtLee 1898
06/2012 Arbucklenian Polka Cornet solo John C. Martin 1901
07/2012 The Arkansas Traveler Descriptive talk Len Spencer & George Schweinfest 1902
02/2001 At the Circus Descriptive selection Edison Symphony Orchestra 1899
07/2010 At the Minstrel Show - No. 1 Minstrel series Edison Minstrels 1906
12/2012 Auld Lang Syne Quartette Edison Male Quartette 1898
11/2002 Baby, Baby from Lady Slavey Soprano Minnie S. Emmett 1898
04/2010 La Basoche - Je suis aimé de la plus belle Baritone Gabriel Soulacroix 1900
11/2013 Belle of New York March Band Empire State Concert Band 1896-1897
07/2007 Benediction des Poignards from Les Huguenots Bass-baritone Jean-Francisque Delmas 1902
01/2004 The Bird on Nellie's Hat Comic song Helen Trix 1907
06/2010 Black Diamond Express March Band Edison Military Band June 1905
08/2002 Blue Bell Bells & xylophone Albert Benzler & Frederick W. Hager 1904
11/2014 Blue Danube Waltz Band Edison Grand Concert Band 1898
05/2014 The Bobolink Whistling Joe Belmont 1903
08/2010 Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond Soprano Marie Narelle 1906
07/2014 Bonnie Brier Bush March Orchestra Edison Grand Symphony Orchestra 1899
08/2015 Brilliant Gallop Xylophone solo Charles P. Lowe 1900
01/2010 Bringing in 1906 - Auld Lang Syne Talking & harmonica Herr Dr. Professor & George Donahue 1905
07/1999 By the Light of the Silvery Moon Sentimental song Ada Jones 1910
05/2012 Le Caid - Air du tambour major Bass Mr. Bertram 1902-1903
09/2013 Carnival of Venice Xylophone solo Charles P. Lowe 1898
08/2005 The Captain's Song from Pinafore Baritone Harry Dearth 1907
01/2005 Carrie Nation in Kansas Comic song Steve Porter 1901
01/2022 Casey Courting His Girl Talking John Kaiser 1905
04/2002 Casey as Umpire at a Ball Game Humorous talking Russell Hunting 1898
07/1998 The Charge of Roosevelt's Rough Riders Descriptive selection Columbia Orchestra 1898
04/2001 Chopin's Funeral March Band Edison Concert Band 1906
12/2005 Christmas gift of a phonograph Talking Unknown 1899-1901
12/2007 The story of Cinderella Talking William Jefferson (Len Spencer) 1899
12/2015 Circus Gallop Band (descriptive) Sousa's Band 1903-1904
10/1999 Clancy's Prize Waltz Contest Comic sketch Len Spencer 1904
02/2004 Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming Quartette Knickerbocker Quartette 1908
05/2001 Consentida Orchestra Orquesta Tipica Lerdo 1904
10/2005 Continuous Performances Comic song S. H. Dudley 1899
08/2008 Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine Duet Ada Jones & Billy Murray 1908
03/1999 Dance on Friday Night Descriptive selection Peerless Orchestra 1900
12/2003 The Despatch Rider Concertina solo Alexander Prince 1910
03/2011 Dixie Blossoms Xylophone solo Thomas Mills 1907
06/2000 Dixie Medley Banjo solo Fred Van Epps 1908
09/2003 The Dixie Rube Descriptive Selection Edison Military Band 1906
08/2007 Don't Worry Duet Reed Miller & Reinald Werrenrath 1908
11/1997 Down at the Huskin' Bee Rube duet Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1909
01/2010 Down in Blossom Row Medley Xylophone solo Albert Benzler 1905
08/2013 Down in Jungle Town Duet Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1908
09/2012 Down in Sunshine Valley March song Manuel Romain 1911
06/2007 Down on the Old Plantation Orchestra Edison Symphony Orchestra 1904
12/2021 Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill Song Arthur Collins 1902
10/1998 El Capitan March Medley Orchestra Issler's Orchestra 1900
06/1999 The Esquimaux Dance Clarinet solo William Tuson 1892
12/2008 Estudiantina Waltz Orchestra Columbia Orchestra 1898
04/2004 Evening Star from Tannhauser Cornet solo David B. Dana 1895
01/1999 Everybody Works But Father Song Bob Roberts 1905
08/1999 Ev'ry Little Bit, Added to What You've Got, Makes Just a Little Bit More Duet Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1907
01/2001 Experimental Talking Clock Talking Frank Lambert 1878
06/1998 Five Minutes With the Minstrels Band Voss's First Regiment Band 1891
01/1998 Flirting on the Beach Orchestra Edison Symphony Orchestra 1904
04/2013 The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring Trio Original Lyric Trio 1898
11/2009 Selections from The Fortune Teller Orchestra Peerless Orchestra 1899
01/2009 Fun in a Barber Shop Banjo Vess L. Ossman 1908
05/2003 "Genevieve" Waltz Medley Ocarina solo Eugene C. Rose 1906
05/2008 Georgia Minstrels Minstrels S. H. Dudley & Len Spencer 1904
04/2003 The Girl I Left Behind Me Medley Fife & drum U. S. Marine Fife & Drum Corps 1903
07/2000 Glorious Beer Tenor solo Dan W. Quinn 1899
06/2008 The Golden Wedding Vaudeville Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1905
05/2016 Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye Song William H. Thompson 1904
09/2007 Good-Bye My Lady Love Tenor Harry MacDonough 1904
10/2013 Good Old Songs Quartette Edison Male Quartette 1906
03/1997 The Grand March from Tannhauser Band Edison Grand Concert Band 1899
06/2013 Hail to the Spirit of Liberty Orchestra Peerless Orchestra 1901
12/2002 Hallelujah Chorus Band Battery Band of New York 1894
09/1997 Heart Bowed Down Clarinet solo William Tuson 1904
01/2003 Hebrew Vaudeville - parody on Rip Van Winkle was a Lucky Man Hebrew monologue Julian Rose 1903
11/2007 Hickory Bill Talking & banjo Len Spencer & Fred Van Epps 1907
04/2014 House Cleaning Time Vaudeville sketch Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1908
09/1998 A Hundred Fathoms Deep Baritone Frank C. Stanley 1902-1904
07/2011 I Stood On the Bridge at Midnight Baritone solo J. W. Myers 1903
04/1997 I Used to Be Afraid to Go Home in the Dark Tenor solo Billy Murray 1909
02/2005 I'd Love to, But I Won't Serio-comic song Bessie Wynn 1910
06/2015 An Ideal Republic Talking William Jennings Bryan 1908
11/2004 If I Only Could Blot Out the Past Baritone Frank C. Stanley 1902
02/2007 I'll Love You Forever and Ever Baritone Steve Porter 1898
08/2012 I'm a-Dreaming of You Duet Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1902
04/1997 I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark Tenor solo Billy Murray 1908
08/2014 I'm Looking For the Man That Wrote "The Merry Widow Waltz Comic song Edward M. Favor 1908
03/2003 I'm Tired of Eating in the Restaurants Baritone Bert Williams 1906
04/1998 Immortality Talking William Jennings Bryan 1908
11/2000 The Imperial Minstrels - Dese Bones Shall Rise Again Minstrels Len Spencer & Steve Porter 1901
12/2013 The Imperial Minstrels - Mamie Reilly Minstrels Len Spencer & Steve Porter 1898
03/2012 The Imperial Minstrels - Old Folks at Home Minstrels Roger Harding & Steve Porter 1899
02/2016 The Imperial Minstrels - Upon the Golden Shore Minstrels Len Spencer, Steve Porter & Dan W. Quinn 1899
05/2004 In My Merry Oldsmobile Duet Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1905
06/2011 In Old Alabama Orchestra Peerless Orchestra 1903
07/2003 In the Good Old Summer Time Song William Redmond 1902
02/1999 In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree Male quartette Columbia Quartette 1904-1906
09/2001 In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (Medley) Banjo solo G. W. Kennedy 1906
05/2002 In Zanzibar Baritone solo J. W. Myers 1904
03/2004 Ingersoll at the Tomb of Napoleon Talking Len Spencer 1902
03/2005 Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Vocal violin imitation Edith Helena 1907
01/2000 It Don't Seem Like the Same Old Smile Song George J. Gaskin 1897
04/2000 Jerusalem Mournin' Quartette Polk Miller & His Old South Quartette 1910
01/2013 Jigs and Reels Violin solo Charles D'Almaine 1908
04/2009 Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes Comic song Edward M. Favor 1906
11/2021 Jolly Fellows Waltz Orchestra Peerless Orchestra 1899
12/1997 Joy to the World Band Edison Concert Band 1906
01/2015 Jubilee Minstrels Minstrels Edison Minstrels 1908
03/2000 Just Like Bein' at Hame Song Harry Lauder 1911
08/2004 Just One Girl Baritone J. W. Myers 1899
03/2009 King Cotton March Band Baldwin's Cadet Band 1896
10/1997 Lanciers with Figures Called Orchestra Issler's Popular Orchestra 1893-1894
03/2015 L'Africaine - Air de Vasco de Gama ["O Paradis"] Tenor Albert Vaguet 1902
11/1998 Lasca Talking Edgar L. Davenport 1905
01/2008 The Laughing Song Comic song George W. Johnson 1898
10/2015 A Lemon in the Garden of Love Comic song Billy Murray 1907
05/2015 Let Me Crown You Queen of May with Orange Blossoms Tenor Manuel Romain 1908
02/1997 Liberty Bell March Band Edison Concert Band 1897
07/2016 The Lime-Kiln Club Descriptive selection Columbia Orchestra 1899
07/2013 Lincoln's Speech at Gettysburg Talking Len Spencer 1904
10/2003 (The Magic Flute) La Flute Enchantée Duet Jane Mérey & Albert Piccaluga 1903-1905
04/2007 Make a Fuss Over Me Banjo trio Ossman Banjo Trio 1905
04/2011 Mandy and Her Man Vaudeville sketch Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1906
02/2009 Mariar Contralto Clarice Vance 1905
09/2008 (The Marriage of Jeanette) Les Noces de Jeannette - Enfin, me voilà seul Bass Paul Aumonier 1904
10/2008 Married Life Comic song Dan W. Quinn 1895
10/2004 La Mattchiche Orchestra Pathé Frères Orchestre 1905-1906
09/2002 McGinty at the Living Pictures Comic song Edward M. Favor 1906
09/1999 La Media Noche Mexican dance United States Marine Band 1891
01/2006 The Melon Patch Schottisch Band 23rd Regiment Band of New York 1894-1896
05/2011 Mireille - Valse Soprano Aline Vallandri 1906
03/2006 Miserere from "Trovatore" Duet Marie Dietrich & Carl Jorn 1907
08/2000 Mrs. McCloud's Reel Bagpipe solo James C. McAuliffe 1899
04/2016 Mr. Thomas Cat Band The Empire State Band 1900-1901
11/2003 The Mocking Bird Whistling solo Billy Golden 1897
09/2009 Monarch Polka Trombone solo Leo Zimmerman 1900-1901
12/2011 Monastery Bells Bells & chimes duet Albert Benzler, Henry Nesbit, and the Edison Military Band 1905
01/2016 The Mosquito Parade Banjo duet Vess L. Ossman & Bill Farmer 1901
05/2010 Mother's Twilight Song Song Edward M. Favor 1894
06/2009 The Musical Moke Vaudeville specialty Len Spencer 1901
07/2008 My Creole Sue Quartette Edison Male Quartette 1899
09/2015 My Little Irish Queen Orchestra Issler's Orchestra 1897
08/2016 My Old New Hampshire Home Tenor J. W. Myers 1900
04/2006 Near It - Very Near It Comic song Edward M. Favor 1894-1895
01/1998 Nearer My God to Thee Band Edison Concert Band 1904
03/2002 The Night Alarm Orchestra (descriptive) The Polyphone Symphony Orchestra 1898-1899
09/2011 The Nightingale and the Frog Piccolo solo Edison Symphony Orchestra 1902
06/2005 The Ninety and Nine Baritone Ira D. Sankey 1898
04/1999 The Ninety and Nine Baritone Frank C. Stanley 1902-1904
05/1998 Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares Counter-tenor Will Oakland 1909
05/2000 (Chopin) Nocturne Piano solo Joseph Pizzarello 1898
08/1997 Nothing Like That In Our Family Comic song Will F. Denny 1906
12/1998 O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fidelis) Quartette Columbia Quartette 1904
10/2007 Oh, Promise Me Cornet solo Bohumir Kryl 1905
12/2014 Oh, Promise Me Trombone solo Nicholas Scholl 1898
11/2011 The Old Brigade Duet S. H. Dudley & Harry MacDonough 1899
10/2012 Old Faithful March Band Edison Military Band 1907
11/2015 Old Time Religion Quartette Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette 1910
02/2012 Selections from Olivette Band Edison Grand Concert Band 1898
10/2000 Our Victorious Nation March Band New York Military Band 1909
01/2002 Our Whistling Servant Girl Song with whistling chorus John Yorke AtLee 1900
09/2016 Over the Waves (Sobre las Olas) Spanish waltz United States Marine Band 1892
06/2002 Overture, Poet and Peasant Band Baldwin's Cadet Band 1895
03/2013 Paddy on the Turnpike Bagpipe solo James C. McAuliffe 1903
07/2005 Pat O'Brien's Automobile Street scene Steve Porter 1908
05/2013 Peaches and Cream Vaudeville sketch Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1906
06/2001 Petite Mignon Oboe solo Caesar Addimando 1908
10/2023 Phroso Waltz Orchestra Peerless Orchestra 1898-1899
01/2007 Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhauser Band Gilmore's Band 1901
11/2008 Please, Mr. Conductor, Don't Put Me Off the Train Tenor solo Byron G. Harlan 1903
07/2015 The Professor and the Musical Tramp Vaudeville sketch Len Spencer & Parke Hunter 1905
02/2002 Prologo from Pagliacci Baritone solo in Italian Antonio Scotti 1905-1906
02/1998 Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy Tenor duet Albert C. Campbell & Irving Gillette 1912
01/2011 Ragtime Medley Banjo solo Vess L. Ossman 1900
02/2011 Red Wing Tenor solo Frederick H. Potter 1907
06/1997 Reuben Rag Comic song Sophie Tucker 1910
12/2004 Ring Out the Bells for Christmas Band Edison Concert Band 1907
04/2005 Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep Male quartette Original Bison City Quartette 1892-1894
09/2004 Rudolph and Rosie at the Roller Rink Skating scene Ada Jones & Len Spencer 1907
08/2003 Saving Them All for Mary Topical song with banjo Al Reeves 1891-1893
04/2015 Scarecrow Dance Orchestra Edison Symphony Orchestra 1903
09/2006 Scene at a Dog Fight Descriptive selection ("Tough series") Len Spencer 1900
03/2008 Schubert's Serenade Violin solo Charles D'Almaine 1908
08/2009 Schultz Gets a Letter from the Klondike Funny talk Frank Kennedy 1898-1899
10/2001 Schwanlied aus Lohengrin Song Ernst Kraus 1904
08/2006 Second Connecticut March Band Edison Concert Band 1899
02/2008 Selection from The Silver Slipper Orchestra Peerless Orchestra 1903
12/2000 The Sleigh Ride Party Descriptive selection The Greater New York Quartette 1898
11/1996 Smoky Mokes Orchestra Peerless Orchestra 1904
12/1996 Southern Smiles Two-step Band Edison Military Band 1904
07/2009 Stars and Stripes Forever March Band 71st Regiment Band 1897-1898
07/1997 Stars and Stripes Forever March Banjo solo Ruby Brooks 1902
07/2002 Stars and Stripes Forever March Band Sousa's Band 1901
12/2009 Sterling Castle and Harvest Home Violin solo William Craig 1909
12/2006 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht Baritone Hans Hoffman 1902
12/2010 Stop That Knocking at the Door Quartette Edison Male Quartette 1906
01/1997 Street Piano Medley Street scene August Molinari 1908
08/1998 Take Me Out to the Ball Game Waltz song Edward Meeker 1908
05/1999 Take Your Time, Gentlemen Song Press Eldridge 1892
11/2012 Talmage on "Infidelity" Recitation William F. Hooley 1898-1899
10/2010 Tarantella from The Bride Elect Orchestra Edison Grand Symphony Orchestra 1898
07/2004 The Teddy Bears' Picnic Orchestra Edison Symphony Orchestra 1908
06/2004 Telegraphic radio aircheck Telegraphic code Unknown 1910
03/2018 Tell Me With Your Eyes Medley Bells Albert Benzler 1905
07/2001 That Beautiful Rag Duet Stella Mayhew & Billie Taylor 1910
10/2011 That's Gratitude Song Bob Roberts 1907
02/2000 The Third Verse of Mary and John Sentimental ballad Will White 1890-1891
12/2019 Those dirty dogs: Men with their Nicotine, Tobacco and Alcohol Speech John Alexander Dowie 1901
03/2007 Three Minutes With the Minstrels Minstrels S. H. Dudley & Arthur Collins 1899
02/2015 Tipperary Irish March Song Stella Tobin 1908
11/2006 Toreador Song from Carmen Baritono Antonio Vargas 1903
01/2014 Tosca - Le ciel luisait d'etoiles Tenor Lucien Muratore 1903
09/2000 Transformation Scene from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Talking with orchestra accompaniment Len Spencer 1905
02/2023 Uncle Josh at the Dentist's Talking Cal Stewart & Len Spencer 1909
03/2014 Uncle Josh at the Weather Bureau Funny talk Cal Stewart 1898
03/2010 Uncle Josh in Society Funny talk Cal Stewart 1899
03/1998 Uncle Josh's Letter From Home Talking Cal Stewart 1909
11/2001 Uncle Remus Characteristic march American Symphony Orchestra 1909
09/2010 Under the Anheuser Bush Waltz song Billy Murray 1904
12/1999 Unlawful Trusts Talking William H. Taft 1908
04/2008 U. S. Army Lancers, 1st Figure Band Edison Military Band 1906
01/2017 Vaudeville Specialty Introducing Mr. Dan W. Quinn Vaudeville series (Irish comedy talk) Dan W. Quinn 1900-1901
03/2001 Waiting for a Certain Girl Song and chorus Billy Murray 1907
12/2020 Washington Post March Band Edison Military Band 1904
06/2003 (Mendelssohn's) Wedding March Band Edison Concert Band 1904
09/2014 The Wedding of the Reuben and the Maid Duet Arthur Collins & Joseph Natus 1901
02/2003 What Might Have Been Sentimental song Manuel Romain 1909
12/2001 When the Birds Go North Again Song Silas Leachman 1900
06/2014 When the Evening Breeze is Sighing Home, Sweet Home Quartette Edison Male Quartette 1903
02/2013 When You Know You're Not Forgotten by the Girl You Can't Forget Baritone Frank C. Stanley 1907
10/2009 Whistling Rufus Banjo solo Vess L. Ossman 1899
06/2016 The White Man's Burden Recitation B. Russell Throckmorton 1899
07/2006 Whoa, Bill! Duet Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1904
04/2012 Wild Cherry Band New York Military Band 1909
05/2005 World's fair souvenir records Talking Unknown fair-goers 1904-1905
02/2014 Yankee Patrol Band Columbia Band 1905
09/2005 Yankiana Rag Orchestra American Symphony Orchestra 1909
02/2006 Yes, Sweetest of Words to Me Tenor Roger Harding 1896-1897
05/2007 You Can't Think of Everything Comic song William F. Denny 1893-1894
05/2009 You're as Welcome as the Flowers in May Duet Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley 1904

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