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A vaudeville sketch from 1906 set in lower Manhattan, Peaches and Cream, performed by Ada Jones and Len Spencer.

Peaches and Cream

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9359
Category Vaudeville sketch
Title Peaches and Cream
Performed by Ada Jones & Len Spencer
Circa September 1906
Announcement "Vaudeville sketch, Peaches and Cream, by Ada Jones and Len Spencer.  Edison record."

An enjoyable vaudeville-style sketch centered around the song "Peaches and Cream" written by John Lowitz and Henry Blumenthal.   Although undoubtedly intended as fanciful in 1906, today the song might be considered suggestive.

Notice the goof by Spencer at 1:56 – the record checkers let it pass.

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    No. 9359, "Peaches and Cream," by Ada Jones and Len Spencer, is a vaudeville sketch, with orchestral incidental effects, introducing the new waltz song "Peaches and Cream."   The scene of the sketch is laid in the Bowery and the dialogue is distinctly of the Bowery.   It gives a very hearable talk by Chimmy and his "goil" Maggie, and the song "Peaches and Cream" fits the scene as though built for it.   These vaudeville sketches are arranged by Mr. Spencer, and the Phonograph public will agree with us that he has made a great success with them.
— July 1906 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the September records]


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