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From 1908, William Jennings Bryan describes An Ideal Republic.

An Ideal Republic

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9922
Category Talking
Title An Ideal Republic
Performed by William Jennings Bryan
Circa September 1908
Announcement "An Ideal Republic, by William Jennings Bryan.   Edison record."

During the 1908 presidential campaign, Edison recorded and sold several speeches by candidates William H. Taft and William Jennings Bryan.   Here, Bryan gives his vision of a perfected nation.

Click on the photo, above, to read an interesting article in the July 1908 Edison Phonograph Monthly on recording the speeches of William Jennings Bryan.

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9922   An Ideal Republic William Jennings Bryan
    Perhaps no American of to-day can equal Mr. Bryan in the difficult dual art of conceiving ideal conditions and finding suitable language for describing them.   This Record gives him the same kind of opportunity as his speech on "Immortality," and seldom has he drawn on the wonderful store-house of his imagination with such fine effect.   "Behold a Republic," he exclaims, "where every citizen is a sovereign, but none cares to wear a crown; whose flag is love while others' is only fear."   His peroration is very fine and concludes with these words, "A Republic, whose history, like the path of the just, is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day."
— June 1908 Edison Phonograph Monthly

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