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From 1906, the great comic songster from the turn of the previous century, Edward M. Favor, sings Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes.

Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9404
Category Comic song
Title Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes
Performed by Edward M. Favor
Circa November 1906
Announcement "Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes, sung by Edward M. Favor.  Edison record."

Enjoy this amusing topical comic song – a perfect match for the great Edward M. Favor's wry nature and his style of delivery.

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    No. 9404, "Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes," by Edward M. Favor, is a Record that includes three verses and two choruses of a topical song written by Benjamin Hapgood Burt and sung with orchestra accompaniment.   Mr. Favor has made a great success with songs of this character, some of his Records in the past year being among the largest sellers we have had.   It is safe to predict that this Record will be near the top of the November list.   "Jingles, Jokes and Rhymes" treats Washington and his hatchet, Dowie and religion on the installment plan, and Jonah and the whale.
— September 1906 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the November records]

— This cylinder of the month is from the collection of  Stan Stanford —


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