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For September 1998 . . .

This month:   Baritone Frank C. Stanley, one of the pillars of the early acoustic recording era, sings A Hundred Fathoms Deep.
How low can he go? – Listen and find out!

A Hundred Fathoms Deep
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 5023
Category Baritone
Title A Hundred Fathoms Deep
Performed by Frank C. Stanley
Circa 1902-1904
Announcement "A Hundred Fathoms Deep, sung by Frank C. Stanley.  Edison record."

Pioneering:   Frank C. Stanley began his recording career as banjoist William S. Grinsted (his real name) in 1891.   Although a good banjo player, Grinsted was soon over-shadowed by "The Banjo King", Vess L. Ossman; Grinsted shone brightly however recording under a pseudonym as baritone Frank C. Stanley.  

Versatile:   Stanley appeared in over 180 recordings for Edison alone and dozens more for other record companies.   He recorded 72 baritone solos and 50 duets and "rube sketches" with Byron G. Harlan for Edison, as well as duets with Corinne Morgan, Irving Gillette, Grace Nelson, and Elise Stevenson.   He appeared with the Manhattan Mixed Trio, and the Metropolitan Mixed Trio, the Invincible, Lotus, Mendelssohn, and Peerless Quartettes, as well as the single recorded output of the Edison Sextette.   He did not totally abandon the banjo: Recording under yet another name, George S. Williams, he performed an occasional banjo accompaniment for Arthur Collins.

This recording, announced by Stanley, is a remake of the brown wax version originally recorded and released in mid-1899.

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