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An early recording of the hit comic song Under the Anheuser Bush, sung by Billy Murray.

Under the Anheuser Bush
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8575
Category Waltz song
Title Under the Anheuser Bush
Performed by Billy Murray
Circa January 1904
Announcement "Under the Anheuser Bush, sung by Billy Murray.  Edison record."

Billy Murray sings this "spirited" comic song of 1904, chock-full of fun word play, by Harry Von Tilzer and Andrew B. Sterling.   In promoting this record, Edison felt it would be helpful to stress (see below) that it was "not intended in any way to advertise wet goods"!

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  Harry Von Tilzer, who wrote "Down Where the Wurzburger Flows," a song that achieved wide popularity, has just written another which he and his publishers believe will be equally popular.   It is No. 8575, "Under the Anheuser Bush," and is not intended in any way to advertise wet goods.   The National Phonograph Company secured by special permission the early use of the music of the song, and has made an excellent record of it.   It has been sung by Billy Murray, with unusual care and with splendid enunciation.   The song has a waltz air, and the singer is accompanied by the Edison Symphony Orchestra.
— December 1903 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the January 1904 records]

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