March 2003
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From 1906, the great Bert Williams explains his need for a bride in I'm Tired of Eating in the Restaurants.

I'm Tired of Eating in the Restaurants
Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 32990
Category Baritone
Title I'm Tired of Eating in the Restaurants
Performed by Bert Williams
Circa September 1906
Announcement "I'm Tired of Eating in the Restaurants, by Bert Williams."

One of the most endearing and amusing voices of the early 20th Century belonged to composer, comic, and character of the musical stage, Bert A. Williams.   Williams had a great knack for inviting the listener into his songs with his good-natured rambling exposition.

This recording, one of Williams' earlier Columbia records, includes several fun quirks – beginning with Williams' unusual articulation of his surname; soon after that, during the first few introductory bars, Williams clears his throat; lastly, there is the odd noise at the end of the song.

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"I've got a notion to get married, and that notion will be carried just as soon as there's a second by some maid."

— This cylinder of the month is from the collection of  Tim Brooks —


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