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An early comic song recording from 1893, You Can't Think of Everything, by the great William F. Denny.

You Can't Think of Everything
Company New England Phonograph Company
Cylinder # None
Category Comic song
Title You Can't Think of Everything
Performed by William F. Denny
Circa 1893-1894
Announcement "Boston's popular vocalist, Nathan F. Denny, sings, with piano accompaniment, the comic song entitled 'You Can't Think of Everything'."

Pioneering recording artist William F. Denny was particularly known for his comic songs and ballads.   He began recording in the early 1890s for the Boston-based New England Phonograph Company, but later branched out recording for most major studios including the Columbia Phonograph Company and Edison's National Phonograph Company.

His sudden death in 1908 removed a sparkling talent from the early recording industry.   Enjoy this example of his early work in Boston.   Denny often announced his own recordings – oddly, here he seems to introduce himself as Nathan F. Denny.

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The concensus is that the first verse begins:
"I've just forgot the title of the song I'm going to sing,
but you can't think of everything.
The music was delightful and it went with such a swing,
but you can't think of everything."

To hear another song by Denny, hear his 1906 rendition of Nothing Like That In Our Family.

— This cylinder is from the collection of Jeffery Wood —


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