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A lively vaudeville sketch from 1906, Mandy and Her Man, featuring Ada Jones & Len Spencer.

Mandy and Her Man

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9236
Category Vaudeville sketch
Title Mandy and Her Man
Performed by Ada Jones & Len Spencer
Circa March 1906
Announcement "Mandy and Her Man, by Ada Jones and Len Spencer.  Edison record."

Enjoy this two-minute vaudeville sketch on wax cylinder chock full of fun jokes and playful joshing.

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    No. 9236, "Mandy and Her Man," by Ada Jones and Len Spencer, is an exceptionally well put together vaudeville [race] sketch and shows Miss Jones and Mr. Spencer at their best.   The characteristic dialogue and comic situations have never been excelled, which together with the singing and orchestra embellishments make this Record a great entertainer.   The [race] song, "On Yo' Way," sung by Miss Jones, with orchestra accompaniment, is a feature of the Record.
— February 1906 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the March records]

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