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In honor of Spring-cleaners everywhere, from 1908, we present House Cleaning Time.

House Cleaning Time

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9955
Category Vaudeville sketch
Title House Cleaning Time
Performed by Ada Jones & Len Spencer
Circa October 1908
Announcement "House Cleaning Time, by Ada Jones & Len Spencer.   Edison record."

Enjoy this popular selection – produced by Edison's own sketch writers – which still 'hits home' today.

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9955   House Cleaning Time Ada Jones and Len Spencer
    A thrilling domestic episode that everyone knows about from sad experience.   Ada Jones and the "lady behind the broom" is as peevish as the occasion demands, even if she does say she is "A woman of few words."   Len Spencer, as John, only succeeds in getting in her way—(Poor John!)   He is given a good dusting until he feels he is the most unnecessary piece of furniture in the house.   Mary's mood changes suddenly though, when they run across a packet of their old love letters.   Household cares fly out of the window with the remembrance of happy bygone days.   Mary: "You remember how hard I used to try to make the biscuits?"   John: "Yes, and how hard you used to make them." (Both laugh.)   A tender bit of pathos is added as Mary sings: "In After Years When I Am Old."   Original vaudeville sketch, not published.
— August 1908 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the October records]


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