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A 2-minute vaudeville sketch from 1905, The Professor and the Musical Tramp.

The Professor and the Musical Tramp

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8984
Category Vaudeville sketch
Title The Professor and the Musical Tramp
Performed by Len Spencer and Parke Hunter
Circa May 1905
Announcement "Vaudeville specialty, The Professor and the Musical Tramp, by Spencer and Hunter.   Edison record."

Enjoy this month's vaudeville-style production featuring a fast paced collection of jokes and musical duets.

Len Spencer is heard in the vocal roles, and banjoist Parke Hunter performs the plurality of solo features.

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    No. 8984, "Professor and the Musical Tramp," by Spencer and Hunter, is a vaudeville musical specialty of a unique character.   It introduces an ocarina duet, a mandolin and banjo duet and concludes with a cornet and trombone duet, all accompanied by the orchestra.   The scene is laid in a vaudeville theatre.   The orchestra plays the opening to the act.   The professor's partner has disappointed him.   A musical tramp arrives on the scene and helps out the professor in the duets as above.   A humorous dialogue between the professor and the tramp adds to the attractiveness of the Record.
— April 1905 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the May records]


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