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From 1899, a humorous monolog featuring Uncle Josh in the big city mistakenly stepping on the wrong social rung in Uncle Josh in Society, by Cal Stewart.

Uncle Josh in Society
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 3899
Category Funny talk
Title Uncle Josh in Society
Performed by Cal Stewart
Circa 1899
Announcement "Uncle Josh Weathersby in Society, made by Mr. Cal Stewart.  Edison record."

Cal Stewart was one of the most prolific early sound recordings comic personalities, creating a good-natured 'rube' character that he was able to develop, and through which he entertained millions of people for decades.

The odd sounds heard at the beginning of the recording are artifacts from the one-at-a-time record duplicating process from the master cylinder.

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At the conclusion of other versions of this tale, the Uncle Josh character makes it clear that he was taken to a different Henry Higgins' house.

To hear another Uncle Josh recording and learn more about Cal Stewart, see the March 1998 Cylinder of the Month.


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