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A great 19th Century marching band recording of the Second Connecticut March played by Edison's Concert Band.

Second Connecticut March

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # B-277 (5-inch "Concert" cylinder)
Category Band
Title Second Connecticut March
Performed by Edison Concert Band
Circa 1899
Announcement "'Second Connecticut March', played by the Edison Concert Band."

This well-recorded cylinder is from Edisonís early "B" series of 5-inch diameter "concert" recordings, from late 1898 through 1901, during which the concert-sized records were cataloged and numbered separately from the standard-sized cylinders.   After it became clear these extra large (in size, price, and playback volume) cylinders were not carving out a significant market for themselves, Edison dropped the distinctive B-series and concert records were subsequently taken from the same catalog numbers and recording masters as their standard-sized cylinder counterparts.

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