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From 1904, the Mexican Orquesta Tipica Lerdo plays Consentida.


Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 18585
Category Orchestra
Title Consentida
Performed by Orquesta Tipica Lerdo
Circa 1904
Announcement "Consentida, vals, por Orquesta Tipica Lerdo, fonograma Edison."

Orchestra leader Miguel Lerdo de Tejada and his 12-piece Orquesta Tipica Lerdo (Lerdo's "People's" Orchestra, or "typical local orchestra") recorded this and two other cylinders for Edison in May and June of 1904.

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The clear, strong bass of this recording predates by over 10 years the first electrical recordings using microphones, and shows just how full-sounding a well-engineered acoustical recording could be (for the audiophile: The low frequencies in this recording dip to 105Hz).


These Records were made in Mexico City under the direction of experts sent from the Recording Department of the National Phonograph Co.   They are, therefore, made according to the most approved methods of this company.   Large numbers of them have been sold in Mexico and have been pronounced by natives of that country as being remarkable for their quality, naturalness, volume and clearness. . . .  The instrumental Records are made by the leading Mexican bands and orchestras.   A number of the titles are accompanied by the guitar.
— January 1905 Edison Phonograph Monthly


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