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An early recording of one of the biggest hit songs of the period, Red Wing, from 1907.

Red Wing
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9622
Category Tenor solo
Title Red Wing
Performed by Frederick H. Potter
Circa August 1907
Announcement "Red Wing, sung by Frederick H. Potter.  Edison record."

Although Frederick H. Potter recorded just 5 two-minute wax cylinders for Edison, Red Wing was such a hit that it became Potter's de facto signature song.   It is not hard to imagine how strongly his rendition set the mold for "how to sing" this song for decades, or more . . .

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See the sheet music to Red Wing courtesy of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music.

    No. 9622, "Red Wing," by Frederick H. Potter and Chorus, is a pretty little song, with orchestral accompaniment.   Red Wing, a shy little Indian maid, loved a warrior bold who rode away to war.   Alas, for Red Wing, he "fell bravely in the fray."   The Edison Male Quartette figures in the chorus with excellent effect.   It is composed by Kerry Mills (music) and Thurland Chattaway (words).
— June 1907 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the August records]


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