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Billy Murray sings a hit comic song of 1907, A Lemon in the Garden of Love.

A Lemon in the Garden of Love

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9462
Category Comic song
Title A Lemon in the Garden of Love
Performed by Billy Murray
Circa February 1907
Announcement "A Lemon in the Garden of Love, sung by Billy Murray.   Edison record."

Comic songster, Billy Murray, seeks an answer to his pointed question.

Although this selection was apparently a big seller for Edison, still I suspect it was not always welcomed in many households!

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    No. 9462, "A Lemon in the Garden of Love," by Billy Murray, is the principal song hit in Richard Carle's "The Spring Chicken," which ranks among the best successes of the New York theatres this season.   Daly's Theatre is crowded to the doors at every performance.   This feature song is the plaint of a married man anxious to know why he picked a lemon in his matrimonial venture into the garden of love where only peaches were supposed to grow.   In the chorus he sings:
    Will some one kindly tell me,
      Will some one answer why,
    To me it is a riddle
      And it will be till I die;
    A million peaches 'round me
      Yet I would like to know
    Why I picked a lemon in the garden of love
      Where only peaches grow.
Richard Carle wrote the music and M. E. Rourke the words to this song.   Mr. Murray sings with orchestra accompaniment.
— December 1906 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the February 1907 records]

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