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A banjo trio performance from 1905 featuring Vess L. Ossman – Make a Fuss Over Me.

Make a Fuss Over Me
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8859
Category Banjo trio
Title Make a Fuss Over Me
Performed by Ossman Banjo Trio
Circa January 1905
Announcement "Make a Fuss Over Me, played by the Ossman Banjo Trio.  Edison record."

The Ossman Banjo Trio was comprised of banjoists Vess L. Ossman (the great 'Banjo King'), Parke Hunter, and Bill Farmer.   Although their cylinders were well-recorded and sold well, the trio recorded just 2 two-minute wax cylinders for Edison.

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    No. 8859, "Make a Fuss Over Me," is another fine selection by the Ossman Banjo Trio.   It is [written] by Theodore F. Morse, who wrote "I've Got a Feelin' for You," which was listed last month as a banjo trio.   The three banjos are plainly heard.   The Record is well played, as is to be expected from such well known artists as Messrs. Ossman, Hunter and Farmer."
— December 1904 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the January '05 records]


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