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For your valentine, from 1908, the Knickerbocker Quartette sings Stephen Foster's, Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming.

Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9994
Category Quartette
Title Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
Performed by Knickerbocker Quartette
Circa November 1908
Announcement "Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming, by the Knickerbocker Quartette.  Edison record."

This is the first of four two-minute wax cylinders recorded by the Knickerbocker Quartette (previously the Edison [Male] Quartette, renamed in October 1908).   The quartette was comprised of John Young, George Stricklett, Fred J. Wheeler, and Gus Reed.

Sheet music to Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming by Stephen C. Foster in 1855:
Sheet music to Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming, 1855.
Presented courtesy of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music.
Note that the version on the cylinder omits several lines in order to squeeze into the two-minute recording.

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9994   Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming Knickerbocker Quartette
    An old standard song classic, by the composer of "Old Folks at Home" and "My Old Kentucky Home."   This entrancing serenade as sung by the Knickerbocker Quartette, has an original four-part setting.   Each voice is heard in delightful contrast with the other, ending with a remarkably effective climax in which all four voices blend in splendid harmony.   Unaccompanied; music and words, Stephen C. Foster.
— September 1908 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the November records]

— This cylinder of the month is from the collection of  Al Menashe —


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