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Enjoy a rousing recording from 1895 of Overture, Poet and Peasant performed by Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston.

Overture, Poet and Peasant

Company New England Phonograph Company
Cylinder # None
Category Band
Title Overture, Poet and Peasant
Performed by Baldwin's Cadet Band
Circa 1895
Announcement "Overture, Poet and Peasant, played by Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston."

The prolific Baldwin's Cadet Band recorded some of the most consistently high-quality serious music of the time.

Notice the string section: fairly uncommon in early sound recordings, particularly in "band" records.

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Earlier Baldwin Band records were introduced as "played by Baldwin's Cadet Band for the New England Phonograph Company".   Retailers of these records preferred no company name be advertised in the announcement; so, what did the Boston-based New England Phonograph Company do?   Announcements were updated to state they were "played by Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston."

Baldwin's Cadet Band.

The musical value of these records is well known.  Notable for melody and precision.   If you like the Baldwin records we can supply the best in the market, high grades only.

— 1895 United States Phonograph Company catalog

[One dollar will be gladly paid for any Baldwin Cadet Band records . . .  -Ed.]

— This cylinder of the month is from the collection of  The Library of Congress —


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