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From 1899, an early recording of My Creole Sue sung by the Edison Quartette.

My Creole Sue

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 7204
Category Quartette
Title My Creole Sue
Performed by Edison Male Quartette
Circa September/October 1899
Announcement "My Creole Sue, sung by the Edison Quartette."

Enjoyed by quartettes and lovers of quartette music for generations, this creation of Tin Pan Alley artist Gussie Davis quickly became a classic.   He had a knack for evoking strong feeling in his music and practiced a successful sub-specialty in tearjerkers.

The quartette in this fine Edison recording sounds, to my ear, like the voices of John Bieling, Harry MacDonough, S. H. Dudley & William F. Hooley.   One of Davis' (1863-1899) last compositions, My Creole Sue was published in 1898.

To hear another song by Davis, listen to this 1902 rendition of If I Only Could Blot Out the Past.

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