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A popular banjo selection played by the great Vess L. Ossman – Ragtime Medley, from 1900.

Ragtime Medley
Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 3830 G (5-inch "grand" cylinder)
Category Banjo solo
Title Ragtime Medley
Performed by Vess L. Ossman
Circa 1900-1901
Announcement "Banjo solo, Ragtime Medley, played by Mr. Vess L. Ossman for the Columbia Phonograph Company."

Vess Ossman was the undisputed "banjo king" of the early sound recording era, being featured on the vast majority of banjo wax cylinder records available in the 1890s and early 1900s.

This ragtime medley, first appearing in Columbia Phonograph Company record catalogs in early 1898, remained popular and was re-recorded over many years.   The version featured in this Cylinder of the Month was produced on a Columbia "grand" 5-inch cylinder and released around the turn of the previous century.   To learn more about the 5-inch cylinder format, see the March 1997 Cylinder of the Month.

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