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From 1908, the banjo king, Vess L. Ossman, goes after some Fun in a Barber Shop.

Fun in a Barber Shop
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 10015
Category Banjo
Title Fun in a Barber Shop
Performed by Vess L. Ossman
Circa December 1908
Announcement "Banjo solo, Fun in a Barber Shop, played by Vess L. Ossman.  Edison record."

The king of the banjo from the turn of the previous century, Vess L. Ossman, generates more of his signature acoustic energy in this fine 100 year old wax cylinder recording.

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10015   Fun in a Barber Shop Vess L. Ossman
    An original banjo conceit which presents Mr. Ossman at his best.   The typical banjo tune is extremely infectious and is full sure to start a general patter of feet.   The "fun" is supplied by ludicrous slide trombone effects introduced in the orchestral accompaniment.   Orchestra accompaniment; composer, Jesse M. Winne; publisher, Walter Jacobs, Boston, Mass.
— October 1908 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the December records]

— This cylinder of the month is from the collection of Albert J. Menashe —


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