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From 1904, a popular "off to war" farewell song, Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye, sung by William H. Thompson.

Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8750
Category Song
Title Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye
Performed by William H. Thompson
Circa August 1904
Announcement "Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye, sung by W. H. Thompson.   Edison record."

Songs nostalgic for the post-Civil and Spanish-American War generations were well received by the public, as was this selection by the famous songwriting team of Gus Edwards (music) and Will D. Cobb (lyrics).   Edwards is perhaps best remembered for "By the Light of the Silvery Moon", as well as several other hits such as "In My Merry Oldsmobile".

The lyrics and sheet music for "Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye" are available courtesy of

William H. Thompson was a baritone soloist featured in many of Edison's two-minute wax cylinder recordings.

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    No. 8750, "Good-Bye, Little Girl, Good-Bye," is a new march song by Cobb and Edwards.   This song is somewhat similar to "Good-bye Dolly Grey" and has an equally pretty air.   The introduction of bugles and an orchestra accompaniment of a martial character effectively carry out the phrase in the refrain: "For I'm Marching Away to be a Soldier."   W. H. Thompson's rendition of this song is excellent.
— July 1904 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the August records]

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07/1999 By the Light of the Silvery Moon Sentimental song Ada Jones 1910
05/2004 In My Merry Oldsmobile Duet Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan 1905
05/2002 In Zanzibar Baritone solo John W. Myers 1904


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