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For October 1997...

This month:   A popular dance from the 1890's, Lanciers with Figures Called by Issler's Popular Orchestra from 1893.

Lanciers with Figures Called
Company New Jersey Phonograph Company
Cylinder # None
Category Orchestra
Title Lanciers with Figures Called
Performed by Issler's Popular Orchestra
Circa 1893-1894
Announcement "Lanciers with figures called, the comic opera Erminie, played by Issler's Popular Orchestra."

This recording was probably made in Newark, New Jersey, and is a "tube copy" – meaning it was copied from the original recording by use of a hollow rubber tube running from the master phonograph to the duplicating phonograph.   Tube copy cylinder recordings have a wonderfully distinctive "hollow" brashness, the quintessentially "tinny" sound associated with early sound recordings.   To learn more about early recording methods, click here.

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A (partial) transcript of the calls...

	"Everybody up for the lanciers.  Are you all ready?"
	"Let her go!"
	"Gents forward"	
	"Cross over"
	"All forward" (?)
	"Well, gentlemen of the orchestra, what are you going to have to drink?"
		"I'll have a Sauerkraut"
	"Sauerkraut!  Well let her go, boys."
	"Right hands to your partners"
	"Right and left all around"
	"Right center promenade"
	"All out" (?)
	"All promenade"
	"All sashay"
If you are better able to make out or decode any of this, please let me know.

— This cylinder of the month is from the collection of René Rondeau —

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