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A fine recording of Yankee Patrol presented on an early long-play wax cylinder format.

Yankee Patrol

Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 85034 (6" length)
Category Band
Title Yankee Patrol
Performed by Columbia Band
Circa December 1905
Announcement None

Enjoy this well-recorded rendition of Yankee Patrol on a hard-to-find Columbia Phonograph Company "Twentieth Century" 3-minute wax cylinder.   See the May 2005 Cylinder of the Month to see & hear another example of this odd format and to learn more about its short-lived history.

Here's a bit of Tin Pan Alley confusion: Yankee Patrol was composed in 1904 by Frank W. Meacham, whose best-known work American Patrol was written much earlier in 1885 — but even earlier, another "patrol", The Yankee Patrol, was written in 1882 by Edward J. Abraham.

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