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An unusual Scene at a Dog Fight recording from 1900.

Scene at a Dog Fight
Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 11021
Category Descriptive selection
Title Scene at a Dog Fight
Performed by Len Spencer
Circa 1900
Announcement "Descriptive selection: a Scene at a Dog Fight, by Len Spencer for Columbia Phonograph Company."

Here is a rare recording from Columbia's "Tough Series" – a turn-of-the-previous Century equivalent to "parental guidance suggested".   Also marketed as "Scenes from life", these skits were often of various fight or odd, humorous circus side show scenes.   Catalogs would describe the fight records as "very realistic".   Most were performed by Len Spencer.

Compare this dog fight recording with Spencer's Clancy's Prize Waltz Contest comic sketch.   Spencer uses the same comic technique in laying down the event's rules – although here the dogs grate his nerves (and get in the last 'word').

Of course, all the dog sounds are by imitation.

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— This cylinder is from the collection of Tim Brooks —


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