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From 1901, a lively cornet recording of the Arbucklenian Polka by John C. Martin.

Arbucklenian Polka
Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 31324
Category Cornet solo
Title Arbucklenian Polka
Performed by John C. Martin
Circa March 1901
Announcement "Cornet solo, Arbucklenian Polka, by John C. Martin for Columbia Phonograph Company."

First issued in March 1901, this cylinder is an early example of Columbia's molded (instead of individually pantographed) brown wax cylinders - known as their "XP" cylinder.   The XP series records were numbered consecutively beginning with selection 31300.

Later catalogs listed Bohumir Kryl as the cornetist, and this recording is indicative of his style, so perhaps John C. Martin was an alias.

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