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A homemade recording made on December 31, 1905 by revelers bringing in the New Year 1906.

Bringing in 1906 - Auld Lang Syne
Company Homemade
Cylinder # None
Category Talking & harmonica (with schnoz-o-phone accompaniment)
Title Bringing in 1906 - Auld Lang Syne
Performed by Herr Dr. Professor & George Donahue
Circa December 31, 1905 at approximately 11:58pm
Announcement "Ladies and gentleman, in a few moments we're going to hear the clock strike twelve bringing in 1906 . . ."

Enjoy this fun homemade wax cylinder recording from New Year's eve 1905.   Rarely does a wax cylinder recording get to have its date and time pinned down precisely: So, let's relive this audio time capsule from December 31st, 1905 at about two minutes to midnight.

Herr Dr. Professor (on the "schnoz-o-phone") probably forgot to move the phonograph's recording horn close enough to the clock to hear the chimes, but we get the idea . . .

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