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From 1894 – a great comic song Near It - Very Near It sung by Edward M. Favor.

Near It - Very Near It
Company United States Phonograph Company
Cylinder # None
Category Comic song
Title Near It - Very Near It
Performed by Edward M. Favor
Circa 1894-1895
Announcement "Near It - Very Near It, comic song with piano accompaniment, sung by Mr. Edward M. Favor."

This is a fine example of an early recording by Edward M. Favor, demonstrating his great knack for delivering comic material.

"The landlord kicked me such a whack – well not exactly on the back, but near it - very near it."

This recording was probably produced by the Newark, New Jersey based United States Phonograph Company.   The successor to the New Jersey Phonograph Company, the US Phonograph Company began operations in 1893 and produced many of the master wax records needed by smaller regional phonograph companies to populate their record catalogs.   These companies would then generally make for resale as many phonograph-to-phonograph copies as they could from the masters (until the wax was worn down).

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— This cylinder is from the collection of Jeffrey Wood —


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