A Titanic Trivia

On the evening of April 14-15, 1912, with over 1500 left aboard, and after the last of the 700 survivors were cast off in the lifeboats, it is said the band on the British liner Titanic was heard playing this classic . . .

What was it?

Nearer My God to Thee
Company Edison
Cylinder # 8136
Category Band
Title Nearer My God to Thee
Performed by Edison Concert Band
Circa 1904
Announcement "Nearer My God to Thee, played by the Edison Concert Band."

A very popular song, and a cylinder recording found in many homes of that time, it is not surprising and was certainly appropriate that the band chose this hymn to play.

"Wait!", you say? "I know that the song played while the Titanic sank was Song of Autumn." Click here, for my take on this debate.

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