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Apropro for Valentine's, from 1896 – Yes, Sweetest of Words to Me an old song (on the brink of having been forgotten) sung by Roger Harding.

Yes, Sweetest of Words to Me
Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8824
Category Tenor
Title Yes, Sweetest of Words to Me
Performed by Roger Harding
Circa 1896-1897
Announcement "Yes, Sweetest of Words to Me, sung by Roger Harding for the Columbia Phonograph Company of New York City."

Roger Harding, a tenor balladeer, recorded widely in the mid- and late-1890s.   His solo records, which are fairly hard to find, did not prove as popular as those of his primary tenor competitor George J. Gaskin.   However, he kept busy recording dozens of duets, quartettes, and other ensembles for Edison's National Phonograph Co., Columbia, and several other companies.

Not much is known about this song, but it could be a song Harding wrote himself.

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Many thanks to Quentin Riggs for his assistance with this cylinder of the month.

— This cylinder is from the collection of Ed Gabrielse —


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