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From 1899, a very catchy early cakewalk tune imitating the goings-on at a dance of The Lime-Kiln Club.

The Lime-Kiln Club

Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 15089 (5-inch "grand" cylinder)
Category Descriptive selection
Title The Lime-Kiln Club
Performed by Columbia Orchestra
Circa Late 1898 - 1899
Announcement "Descriptive selection, The Lime-Kiln Club, played by Columbia Orchestra for Columbia Phonograph Company of New York and Paris."

The imaginary Lime-Kiln Club was an invention of the popular press.   This early recording of a cakewalk dance was intended to match the record-buying public's expectations of a typical energetic dance at the Club.   To learn more, see the Wikipedia article on The Lime-Kiln Club.

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