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A rare and early ragtime piece full of snappy bits, Mr. Thomas Cat, composed by the obscure Milt H. Hall.

Mr. Thomas Cat

Company Leeds & Catlin Company, New York
Cylinder # unknown
Category Band
Title Mr. Thomas Cat
Performed by The Empire State Band
Circa 1900-1901
Announcement "Mr. Thomas Cat, by the Empire State Band."

Enjoy this month's rare brown wax cylinder produced by the Leeds & Catlin Company of New York City of an early ragtime "march two-step" selection (as many early rags were categorized) composed in 1899 by Milt Hall and featuring the sliding trombone.

During this time, Leeds & Catlin (the successor to the Metropolitan Phonograph Company of New York) recorded their records at a relatively fast 180-rpm in an effort to increase the loudness and fidelity of their product.   Of course, speeding up the record from a typical 120-rpm shortened the recording considerably – down to about 1¾ minutes.

Not much is known about Milt Hall except that he appears to be a pioneer composer of published ragtime pieces.   His 1897 "Cotton Blossoms", which also features trombone slides (a.k.a. smears, glissandos or portamentos) is among the earliest, if not the earliest, published ragtime.

An interesting article by David Lewis looks into the elusive Mr. Hall.

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