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A snappy band number from 1895, The Melon Patch Schottische, played by the 23rd Regiment Band of New York.

The Melon Patch Schottische
Company Metropolitan Phonograph Company (of New York)
Cylinder # Unknown
Category Band
Title The Melon Patch Schottische
Performed by 23rd Regiment Band of New York
Circa 1894-1896
Announcement "Fohs' Twenty-Third Regiment Band of New York will play the Melon Patch Schottische."

Records made after the breakup of the North American Phonograph Company (1888-1894) are often hard to trace and date.   If the fragile original record slip (examples: #1, #2) is gone then many times the best clues are in the announcement, the overall sound of the recording, or the cylinder type.   Here, the mention of New York points to that regional company, the Metropolitan Phonograph Company, being the source; the sound is consistent with 1895 material; the cylinder type fits in the 1894-1897 range.

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