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From 1898, a descriptive orchestral selection of The Charge of Roosevelt's Rough Riders.

The Charge of Roosevelt's Rough Riders

Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 15195
Category Descriptive selection
Title The Charge of Roosevelt's Rough Riders
Performed by Columbia Orchestra
Circa 1898
Announcement "Descriptive selection, The Charge of Roosevelt's Rough Riders, played by Columbia Orchestra, for Columbia Phonograph Company of New York and Paris."

Enjoy this commemorative recording dramatizing America's victory that year in the Spanish-American war.

Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders' charge of San Juan Hill on July 1, 1898 quickly became the stuff of American legend.   The American sound recording industry responded to this, the first war of its young life, with dozens of war-theme records.

In this "descriptive selection" we hear sample bugle calls, a battle re-enactment, and tunes popularized during the war – including A Hot Time in the Old Town To-night.   To hear a later version of the Hot Time March from 1904 played by the Edison Military Band, click here.

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