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For March 2000 . . .

This month:   From 1911, Harry Lauder sings Just Like Bein' at Hame.

Just Like Bein' at Hame
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 14081
Category Song
Title Just Like Bein' at Hame
Performed by Harry Lauder
Circa October 1911
Announcement None

The great Scot singer and entertainer Harry Lauder, better known for his comic songs, here introduces and performs a fine sentimental song.

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Lauder had a strong talented voice and clever compositions, freshly delivered (even today!), often packaged with oodles of rolled-R's.

Credited with the expression "The Show Must Go On", Sir Harry Lauder, received knighthood for his service during World War I, being the first performer to go the front lines to entertain troops.

To learn more, visit Edie Dippel's A Celebration of Sir Harry Lauder; see also the in-depth biography Sir Harry Lauder (1870-1950) by Karen Marshalsay.


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