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Spirits flagging? I recommend, from 1900, the joyous sound of Dance on Friday Night by the Peerless Orchestra.

Dance on Friday Night

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 7478
Category Descriptive selection
Title Dance on Friday Night
Performed by Peerless Orchestra
Circa June 1900
Announcement "Descriptive selection, Dance on Friday Night, played by the Peerless Orchestra.  Edison record."

Another great tune belted out by the Peerless Orchestra: This two-step number well-illustrates the irresistible appeal of many two-minute wax recordings.

It's difficult to say why this was rendered as a "descriptive selection".   Perhaps it was thought cataloging it as such would sell more copies.   The descriptive portion, a bit of ethnic German banter, you'll notice is all vocalized by the announcer.

When asked to name my favorite cylinder recording - although I don't feel I could ever isolate a single favorite - this cylinder would certainly be on my short list!

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Dance on Friday Night banner.
Courtesy, Archives of the Big Bend, Sul Ross State University.


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