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A rare recording of a recitation, performed by William F. Hooley, of a speech given by the famous preacher Thomas Talmage on "Infidelity".

Talmage on "Infidelity"
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 3827
Category Recitation
Title Talmage on "Infidelity"
Performed by William F. Hooley
Circa 1898-1899
Announcement "Talmage on 'Infidelity'."

Edison's orator "of record" William F. Hooley records a fine example of the formal style, language and content of 19th century American celebrity Bible preaching: reciting a speech by Dr. Thomas De Witt Talmage on the topic of "infidelity" (to Christianity).

Talmage's talk was likely in response to – or in anticipation of – an opposing speech by the renowned atheist Robert G. Ingersoll.

According to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia (courtesy of Thomas De Witt Talmage (1832-1902) was an

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