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Our Whistling Servant Girl, song with artistic whistling, performed by recording pioneer John Y. AtLee.

Our Whistling Servant Girl

Company United States Phonograph Company
Cylinder # None
Category Song with whistling chorus
Title Our Whistling Servant Girl
Performed by John Y. AtLee
Circa 1900
Announcement "Our Whistling Servant Girl, by John Y. At Lee."

John Yorke AtLee (also spelled At Lee, or Atlee) was one of the first "stars" of the recording industry.   Living in Washington, D.C., a government civil servant by day, by night he plied his skill in artistic whistling, beginning in 1890, to making records for the then young Columbia Phonograph Company.

A popular novelty, whistling recorded very well on early phonographic recording equipment and the records were big sellers throughout the 1890s up through the mid-1900s.

This late recording by AtLee features his characteristic "singing" style along with whistling choruses.

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Whistling and Vocal Solos by
Mr. John Yorke At Lee

(With Piano Accompaniment.)

$1.00 EACH.

      Mr. At Lee's records are the most musical, loud clear and distinct whistling solos ever made.   His songs with whistling choruses are faultlessly executed, and are immensely popular.

[from the United States Phonograph Co. Catalouge of Original Master Records, ca. 1900]


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