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For your holiday festivities, a rare early concertina recording from 1910, The Despatch Rider played by Alexander Prince.

The Despatch Rider
Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 10342
Category Concertina
Title The Despatch Rider
Performed by Alexander Prince
Circa April 1910
Announcement None

Edison released two 2-minute wax cylinder recordings of the concertina, the first in 1909, and this recording in April of 1910; both were performed by Alexander Prince (his only solo recordings for Edison).   The concertina's better-known cousin, the accordion, got more play – with thirteen 2-minute cylinder releases – at the hands of John J. Kimmble.  

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10342   The Despatch Rider Alexander Prince
    A concertina solo of a particularly lively and captivating number in the rendition of which the player's wonderful mastery over his instrument is fully manifested.   The clearness of tone, the neatness of the runs – each note standing out distinctly – and his splendid work in the sustained passages, makes this Record a most desirable addition to our catalog.   Composer, Eilenberg.
— February 1910 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the April records]


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