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A popular novelty record from 1902 - The Arkansas Traveler featuring Len Spencer & George Schweinfest.

The Arkansas Traveler
Company Columbia Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 11098
Category Descriptive talk
Title The Arkansas Traveler
Performed by Len Spencer & George Schweinfest
Circa 1902
Announcement "The Arkansas Traveler, by Spencer and Schweinfest.  Columbia record."

Although most 19th Century record catalogs carefully classified their records ("Vocal", "Operatic", "Band", "Cornet", "Humorous speech", etc.), there was often found a category for "Special talking records and novelties".   Aside from minstrelsy recordings, which were well known, a growing number of sideshow, oddball, or 'hybrid' recordings were made.   These selections typically featured both talking (either in a comic, recitation, or dramatic setting) coupled with some manner of music, singing, or both.   These novelty records were in later years often categorized as a "Descriptive selection", "Comic sketch", "Vaudeville specialty", etc.

The Arkansas Traveler was a particularly popular selection, first appearing in the 1900 Columbia Phonograph Company catalog.   It was found thereafter in most major record catalogs, including Edison's, for many years.   In this recording, George Schweinfest, who was usually a piccolo soloist, plays the violin.

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