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A late wax recording from 1912, Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy, sung by Albert C. Campbell and Irving Gillette.

Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 10573
Category Tenor duet
Title Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy
Performed by Albert C. Campbell & Irving Gillette
Circa September 1912
Announcement None

The end of a grand old medium: After this selection, Edison released only 2 other domestic two-minute wax cylinder recordings.   The era of wax cylinders in general, and two-minute wax cylinders in particular, came to a close with number 10575 in September 1912.

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This recording also includes the novelty of a pianissimo passage.   The subtleties of dynamics were not often explored in early popular sound recordings due to the high surface noises.

A common feature in many of the "romantic" duet recordings of this period: the singers are both men.


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