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A sprightly number featuring bells and flute from 1905, Tell Me With Your Eyes Medley.

Tell Me With Your Eyes Medley

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9020
Category Bells
Title Tell Me With Your Eyes Medley
Performed by Albert Benzler
Circa June 1905
Announcement "Bell solo, Tell Me With Your Eyes, medley, played by Albert Benzler.  Edison record."

Another fine recording spearheaded by the versatile Albert Benzler, who was most often heard as the pianist, but was also proficient with several other instruments (to learn more about Benzler, see the February 2010 Cylinder of the Month).

The flutist here got the equivalent of "second fiddle" treatment and is not announced, but I would imagine we are hearing Edison's flute, piccolo and ocarina soloist of choice, Mr. Eugene Rose.

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    No. 9020, "Tell Me With Your Eyes Medley," by [Albert] Benzler, is a bell solo with orchestra accompaniment.   Medleys by the bells have become very popular.   This one introduces "Tell Me With Your Eyes" (our Record No. 8945), "Heinie" (our Record No. 8992) and "If I Were Only You" (our Record No. 8659).   These popular songs are given with elaborate orchestration.
— May 1905 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the June records]

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