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This month: The snappy Southern Smiles Two-Step by the Edison Military Band.

Southern Smiles Two-Step

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 8549
Category Band
Title Southern Smiles Two-Step
Performed by Edison Military Band
Circa 1904-1905
Announcement "Southern Smiles Two-Step played by the Edison Military Band."

The Edison Military Band succeeded the Peerless Orchestra in late 1903 as Edison's band of choice for recording marches, two-steps, quicksteps and other up-tempo numbers that did not call for a concert band.   They recorded for Edison through 1908, after which time the baton was passed on to the New York Military Band.

This selection is a re-make of Edison's original late-1903 recording – a common practice with popular selections whenever the original masters were worn out, or significant improvements in the recording process were developed.

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