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From 1902, French opera great bass singer Jean-Francisque Delmas sings Benediction des Poignards from Les Huguenots.

Benediction des Poignards
Company Pathé Frères Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 2495 (3½" diameter)
Category Bass-baritone
Title Les Huguenots - Benediction des Poignards
Performed by Jean-Francisque Delmas
Circa 1902-1903
Announcement "Les Huguenots - Bénédiction des Poignards, chanté par Monsieur Delmas de l'opéra."

("The Huguenots - Blessing of the Daggers, sung by Mr. Delmas of the opera.")


One of the great bass and baritone singers of Paris opera during the turn-of-the-previous-century, Jean-Francisque Delmas (1861-1933), also recorded a handful of wax cylinders for the Pathé brothers.   In this unusual format 3½" diameter "salon" cylinder, Delmas sings the "Blessing of the Daggers" from Giacomo Meyerbeer's 1836 opera Les Huguenots.   See the October 2002 Cylinder of the Month for more about this unusual cylinder format.

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— This cylinder is from the Frank V. de Bellis collection at San Francisco State University —


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