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   Harper's Weekly from 1878
A beautiful full-page color illustration announcing Edison's new invention.
   Cylinders of the Month Archive
An archive of complete two-minute wax cylinder recordings featured in earlier Cylinder of the Month presentations.
    Listen to a complete wax cylinder recording.
TV interview discussing Tinfoil.com's early sound recordings preservation (RealVideo)    See the Tinfoil.com television interview
   The Clarice Vance Mystery
What happened to this once bright star of vaudeville?
   A Titanic Trivia
What song was said to be heard playing as the Titanic was going down? Listen to the answer on a period wax cylinder.

Just for fun
   The "Brutus" Cylinder
Is this the only extant copy of the huge 1902 "Brutus" cylinder?
   Cylinder Drop Test Video Outtakes
Umm . . .
   An Instrumentation Challenge
Can you pick out what instruments are playing in this great 1900 recording?
Check out CJ Sage's comics!    The Adventures of Chris and Walt
Something quite different:   An archive of my son, C.J.'s comic strip adventure series.

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