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Early recording sessions      Early Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders
Explore early sound recording methods, two-minute wax cylinder records and antique phonographs; see plenty of rare vintage photos; and enjoy listening to early recorded sounds taken directly from the original wax cylinders.
   Cylinder of the Month
Listen to a complete two-minute wax cylinder recording – a "new" cylinder every month.
For July:   An early recording of John Philip Sousa's United States Marine Band, made in Washington, DC – a Mexican dance, La Media Noche, from 1891.
Hear a complete wax cylinder recording.    
June:   In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (Quartette) 1906
May:   I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark (Comic song) 1908
April:   Miserere from "Trovatore" (Duet) 1907
March:   Hebrew Vaudeville (Monologue) 1903
February:   Immortality (Talking) 1908
January:   The Charge of Roosevelt's Rough Riders (Descriptive) 1898
December:   Washington Post March (Band) 1904

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   Thomas Edison Commemorative
   An 1878 Recording
Want a primitive recording?   Try this experimental sound recording from 1878: The world's earliest playable phonograph recording – still audible today after more than 140 years . . .
   Tinfoil Resource Center
Locate answers, resources, buyers and sellers – An antique phonograph and early sound recordings answer desk.
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