A Note to Caretakers of Early Sound Recordings

If you own or are caretaker of a collection of brown wax cylinder recordings, and

You wish to obtain an archive of your cylinder recordings in digital form.

Tinfoil.com offers a free service to owners and institutions holding early brown wax sound recordings to digitally transfer and catalog their recordings.

Here is the way it works:   The cylinder records may be either shipped to me (see packing guidelines below) or, for larger collections, I can work on-site.   The records are carefully cataloged and recordings digitally transferred.   Along with your records returned, you receive a digital archive on compact disc(s) of your recordings, plus detailed cataloging notes.   I ask that you pay the shipping and insurance costs in sending the records to me; I pay the return shipping and insurance.   Tinfoil.com archives copies of the digital cylinder transfers.   In addition, some of the recordings may appear in future Tinfoil.com publications (with appropriate acknowledgements, unless you wish to be anonymous) which helps support the ongoing preservation work of Tinfoil.com.

Brief background:   I am an early sound recordings preservationist – not a record collector – trained in Computer Science, and living in Portland, Oregon.   I have worked with institutions and collectors for many years to preserve, study, catalog, and publish the earliest sound recordings – generally brown wax cylinders from 1888 through the early 1900's.   Unlike celluloid cylinders such as Edison's Blue Amberols (which will probably outlive us all), time is not kind to wax cylinders, particularly brown wax cylinders.  

Brief description of the transfer process:   My specialized process utilizes a very light contact transfer approach – click here for a tour of the preservation process. The stylus tracking weight is typically less than 2 grams. Tracking is aided by a precision computer controlled motor drive. The process also works equally well with concert (grand) cylinders and other odd-sized cylinders.  

If you are interested in your collection being recorded and preserved in this manner:

Packing guidelines

Would your package survive

the drop test?
Video guide for packing and shipping wax cylinders

Presented by Glenn Sage and Tyrone Settlemier

To see The Cylinder Drop Test  —
(Duration: 7½ minutes)



For help with these clips, click here.
Shipping guidelines (Again, please be sure to contact me first before sending any cylinders) After you send your shipment My return shipment to you Final comments

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