to the studio in Portland, Oregon

An informal glimpse into a few visits

"Salon Night" at

A few Pathé salon cylinders and their caretakers.
Dan Melvin, Bob Carver, Glenn Sage, Art Guenther, Tyrone Settlemier, and Stan Stanford.

Several collectors brought their Pathé salon (intermediate-size) cylinder records to for an evening of preservation of these odd-size records. Also contributing salon cylinders to the evening was collector Jerry Blais. In all, 27 cylinders were transferred and a great deal of Thai food was consumed.

Vera and Rendall Bess of Dundee, Oregon.

Vera and Rendall Bess.
Vera and Rendall Bess.

Rendall and Vera, who are interested in preserving their record collection (they have one of the world's largest collections of tango music), visited to see first-hand whether, as Rendall said, "it could be done" – meaning transferring his records digitally.   After a pleasant afternoon of storytelling and cylinder transfers, Rendall felt satisfied with the digital transfer process.

Although enormous, their record collection has apparently not interfered with their over-62 year marriage.

Tyrone Settlemier of Albany, Oregon.

Tyrone Settlemier holding a sneez-o-phone recording.
Tyrone Settlemier holding a sneez-o-phone recording.

Tyrone enjoyed his third visit to Tinfoil. Here he is pictured proudly displaying his new find of a "sneez-o-phone" recording [Ed: Don't ask], featuring such hits as "Put down that jukebox, mother, you're too old to carry a tune."

To hear an excerpt of the sneez-o-phone  —

For help playing this sound, click here.

Tyrone quickly adds he is "happy to report that this [recording] is a one-of-a-kind item."

Art Guenther of Portland, Oregon.
Nathan Davis of Gresham, Oregon.

Nathan Davis and Art Guenther (left-to-right) displaying Nathan's Pathe 5-inch molded concert cylinder and carton.
Nathan Davis and Art Guenther displaying Nathan's Pathé 5-inch molded concert cylinder and carton.

Art and Nathan enjoyed an afternoon and evening of transferring some of their Pathé standard-sized and intermediate- (or salon-) sized cylinders. Nathan also brought his 5" Pathé molded cylinder. One of the highlights of the visit for me was transferring Art's copy of a rare Clarice Vance cylinder.

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