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An early recording from Puccini's Tosca, sung by French tenor Lucien Muratore.

Tosca - Le ciel luisait d'etoiles

Company Pathé Frères Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 3728 (3½" diameter)
Category Tenor
Title Tosca - Le ciel luisait d'etoiles
Performed by Lucien Muratore
Circa 1903
Announcement "Air de La Tosca - Le ciel luisait d'etoiles - chanté par Monsieur Muratore de l'opéra."

("Air from La Tosca - And the stars were shining - sung by Mr. Muratore of the opera.")


Based on Victorien Sardou's 1887 French play, Giacomo Puccini's 3-act Italian opera premiered in Rome in 1900 – just 3 years before this recording was made.

Tenor Lucien Muratore (1872-1954) who recorded for Pathé for nearly thirty years, also recorded cylinders for both Edison and Columbia.   On this unusual format 3" diameter "salon" cylinder we hear, in one of his earliest sessions with Pathé, a youthful Muratore as Tosca's doomed lover, Mario Cavaradossi, singing a French version of "and the stars were shining" from the opera's final act.

As usual, I always appreciate assistance getting the announcement and translation right!

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